Vertical electricity business

Vertical electricity business how to deal with large-scale electric business open platform

Once upon a time, online shopping was also ridiculed. Now, online shopping is not fashion, but has become part of our lives. That year Alibaba for us to open the era of e-commerce, the rise of Taobao, then let the e-commerce a little bit of our lives to penetrate. Now, Taobao’s double eleven activities, creating a trading volume of 19.1 billion miracle. E-commerce has reached a new peak.

Because of the popularity of e-commerce, department store type of business platform, vertical type of electricity business platform, such as mushrooming. See the news today, see a report. Said that large-scale electronic standard competition has ended, have begun to do an open platform. Will squeeze the vertical electricity business space. I’ll talk about some of my thoughts on the matter today.

First, the vertical electricity business do not panic

Personally think that every vertical electricity business from the day on the line, it should be prepared to respond to various changes. The Internet changes are very fast. Big fish on the market to eat small fish, small fish to eat rice thing, in fact, very normal.

Indeed, double ten great overdraft e-commerce shopping needs. Indeed, large electric companies are pressing harder and harder. Indeed, the capital market has been calm down, for the evaluation of electricity providers are also changing the standard.

However, personally think that vertical electricity business actually do not have to panic. Open platform wolves, not terrible. First to calm down first. Only calm down, will have a good idea.

Second, vertical electricity business how to deal with open platform

1. Score fans

For example, we are a vertical woman selling women’s clothing. So, how about the class of hardcore fans? To QQ group, for example, first of all, we must first establish a QQ group. Here must be built not less than 200 groups, do not build ordinary group.

Then, we have a undercover team, to other QQ group to undercover. And the group to do a good job in the group. Especially those who like to chat, or a call of opinion leaders. Next, we want to add them as friends, and then add them to our QQ group. In this way, over time, we will be able to plot to a group of hardcore fans.

Of course, these people want our undercover team to serve them. In addition, the undercover team has to shoulder an important task, that is to act as our care. QQ group can be added to our trumpet, raised some questions, such as some clothing with the problem, and then by the large QQ to answer.

Of course, similar methods can not only be used for QQ group, like microblogging micro group, all network has a group function. As long as the method is slightly adjusted, it can be used on multiple platforms.

2. Put the user in the first place

I have not been exposed to the executives of the electricity companies, so I do not know the specific operation of a situation. But I want to say, do not know you in each site revision, each write a title, before each issue of an article, have not thought that this is to meet the needs of users? Is it a user-friendly? Does each step move toward a more user-friendly direction? Is it possible to solve the user’s problem? If these are done, then I believe that the open platform for big business should have little effect on us.

Maybe we will ask, where do I know what users are looking for, what do they need? This requires normal data statistics and analysis. Only in this way can we better serve our users.

3. Differentiated individualized operation

Finished the first step, we can accumulate a group of loyal users irons fans. Finish the second step, to optimize the user experience, increase user stickiness. Well, we need to go further.

Or women as an example. Traditional selling, are to build the brand, and then to a variety of styles, different prices, to attract different customers.

If now, on our website, you can provide some pattern templates, and then users can according to their own preferences, according to their physical characteristics, you can choose the existing products, you can also customize their own unique products, but the latter will be the price high. This is not a difference on the out.

having said so much. Do not know the vertical electric business will not be inspired. Of course, I just put forward some views, hoping to give you some new ideas only.

In fact, large electric businessmen want to occupy a larger market, vertical electricity business want to survive, are normal things. Just big and all have large and all of their activities, small and beautiful people have small and beautiful living law. The key is, we do not and the predators are hard touch, to be stable. In this way, as long as we do our own things, good service our customers, and finally we will find that, in fact, large-scale electric business open platform, not so terrible.

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