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From the rise of the US electricity business “served on the day” think of

For a long time did not write an article, but when I see today, “the rise of the US electricity business,” the day served: “facing the cost of the problem” of the report, could not help but want to talk about some of their views.

First, the day service is a good wish

We may all know, Taobao 2012 double 11 transactions reached 19.1 billion. There are reports that electric operators are talking about the amount of transactions. Estimated double eleven great overdraft of e-commerce trading volume.

So, in the e-commerce competition so excited today, do not rely on a few festivals to hold up our shop? Obviously unrealistic.

So what good way? In fact, there are many ways, when your ideas once opened will be completely different. Just as it is today. For example, now I am in a Taobao shop to buy a coat. In the general case, the fastest time to receive the product the next day. Under normal circumstances, we are all so engaged.

However, at any time e-commerce competition more and more excited. How people engage in how I engage in this model, homogeneous competition model, has become increasingly difficult. At this time, if there is a shop he can do the same day single, single day arrived, then, and alienation suddenly came out.

However, in fact, the day served only a good wish, not every shop can do it. Then let’s talk about the problem further.

Second, not every shop can achieve the same day delivery

Why is this question? We think about it, to achieve the day to reach what conditions? First of all, basically every city, it is necessary to match a distribution point, each distribution point will be based on the local business volume, equipped with enough sub-picking and distribution staff. This is a huge expense for an enterprise.

Perhaps for listed companies, equipped with such a large team, just a piece of cake. But for small and medium enterprises, if equipped with such a team, if the company is only to do a city, local operation, it can, if it is national, then, perhaps not long, it will drag the company Cross out.

Third, the day to reach the success stories

In fact, to be honest, arrived in the day is not actually the United States patent, in our side has also been a day to reach a success story. Although this model has not yet formed a large-scale development.

This case is quick bag. Why can the fast bag to start it? The reason is that the use of the day to reach a differentiated. We can look at the fast bag of propaganda: “free shipping, 1 hour arrival.” See how attractive it is. In other places may also be how long to receive the goods, whether the package and tangled. But fast bag is clear to tell you that we are free shipping, and that we can arrive in 1 hour. This is the best for the user experience, what put the user attracted.

Of course, fast bag is now no way to do the national distribution, it is only opened seven cities only. In fact, fast bags do not necessarily need to set up their own so many distribution team, you can use the distribution strategy, part of the area outsourced. At the right time, you can tie in with each other’s team, which is a good way.

Said so much, I believe that “the day to reach” the concept, will be more and more e-commerce companies, especially large companies listed on the use of electricity companies. Because now is not a fight for the price of the times, and only you do better than others, so I have no people, I have gifted, gifted people I fine, fine people I special, then, in order to be able to this red sea In a place.

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