SEO Consultancy Package

Service Content:

1. To analyze the customer site, provide analysis and optimization recommendations;
2. Provide detailed SEO implementation program, with the site optimization implementation;
3. Supervise SEO optimization results, so that the site content closer to the user needs;
4. Analysis of the overall marketing site Way to control the network marketing costs;
5. The relevant personnel to conduct the basis of SEO training.

Service charge: ¥ 1280 / month

Do companies often encounter the following problems with SEO?

1, why the site is very beautiful, but no one to visit?
2, why the site has traffic, but no one to order?
3, why smashed tens of thousands of PPC costs, the effect is not obvious?
4, why the network brand awareness is very low?

SEO consultants is a more professional, more accurate service, the corresponding requirements of SEO service providers will be higher, Dongguan tide SEO has a wealth of experience, to provide you with quality SEO consultancy services. Dongguan tide SEO has a number of corporate website SEO operating experience, to marketing the perfect combination of site construction and SEO, so that companies can easily stand out from the network, beat the competition.

In our process of providing SEO services, we continue to sum up, thinking and found that some companies already have their own SEO optimization staff, they need is not SEO project outsourcing services; there are many companies want to make their own technical staff to gradually grasp and use SEO technology, they need is a set of effective SEO methods and strategic solutions, of course, this is often referred to the formation of the SEO team and team division of the operation of the problem.


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We also found that SEO companies and some SEO studio staff can not quickly become familiar with the customer’s industry situation, relatively speaking, the effect can not be maximized, even if there is a good SEO effect but not necessarily convert to order.

Dongguan tide SEO through the customer needs survey and analysis, the use of our experience in operating SEO projects, to provide customers with SEO strategy, and guide the implementation, we call it “SEO consultants” services. It is clear that the customer has his own website with the product or to provide a special service, and then provided by the Dongguan Tide SEOSEO program, so that the customer’s website to achieve a keyword ranking effect.

Facts have proved that, for qualified customers, SEO consultancy service is far better than the project outsourcing. We have the spirit of “granting people to fish as a grant to the fishing” thinking, in order to achieve the greatest effect for customers marketing.