Network Marketing Principles of Farmland

First, what is the principle of network marketing farmland

The network marketing farmland principle is created by the Dongguan tide SEO blog dumplings to create a new network marketing theory. What is the farmland principle? The internet is like a big village. One of the sites is like a piece of land in this big village. That piece of the fertile land, like our business network marketing platform. “Fertile land” can have many forms. For example, Alibaba integrity through, Taobao C shop, Taobao Mall, pat, corporate website, foreign trade can also use EBAY and so on. One of the most common forms is the corporate website.

Take the corporate website as an example. Often listen to friends asked: “My business website to build what role?” Enterprise website itself will not have much effect, it is just a display platform, nothing more. Above that the corporate website is like a piece of the Internet on a fertile “fertile land”, we have to get bumper harvest, first of all to sow the seeds, then fertilize, and then take water irrigation, and then to prevent the invasion of pests. After some hard work, and ultimately achieve the purpose of harvest. Our website is the case, after the establishment of the site, we have to through some strategies to “work” it, slowly let it develop large, slowly for the enterprise to generate revenue. This is the principle of network marketing farmland.

Second, the farmland principle in the network marketing in the specific application

We all know that farmland to harvest, first of all land to fertile. Internet development is very rapid, the number of Internet users in the sharp increase. The number of Internet users in China has reached 785 million, Baidu search engine daily search volume reached 1 billion times. This shows that the Internet this piece of “land” is absolutely fertile enough.

So how do we get on this piece of fat “land” on the Internet, so that our “farmland” to achieve the purpose of harvest it? In the above we have known the answer, that is, we need to go through some “hard work”. Or the corporate website of the most common “farmland” as an example, just like a farmland need fertilization watering, “hard work” corporate site this farmland also need some marketing strategy, as if for the farm dug an irrigation channel ,. So, what can we cut out on the Internet site?

1. E-mail channel

This is a very old but very effective way. As long as we send the mail rate, open rate, then this method will play a great role.

2.QQ canal

QQ development to today, only as a chat tool, it is a great waste. QQ in fact itself is a powerful marketing tool, we can use it to carry out QQ marketing, QQ group marketing, mail (QQ mail) marketing, QQ space (blog) marketing, now Tencent also integrated microblogging, it can also be carried out Weibo Marketing. We say is not very strong. Of course, the use of QQ this irrigation channel need some skills, do not blindly mass advertising, which polluted the “water”.

3. microblogging marketing channel

Microblogging is undoubtedly the most fire of a product, and its number of users is no less than QQ, so its marketing effect is absolutely great. I have seen an article on the Internet, written in a place near the entrance of a highway opened the hotel, the business is very hot, the boss used Sina microblogging for marketing, the result is crowded. From this example you can see the power of microblogging marketing.

4. Video marketing channel

Video marketing may be the most worrying of these means. As long as a good quality video, and then write a title and description of the video, then upload to the video site on it. Because the video station search engine rankings are very good, so, as long as the title of the video to join the long tail keywords, then after a period of time you can get a stable ranking.

5.SEM search engine marketing channel

Above said Baidu search engine daily retrieval volume reached 1 billion times, so SEM has become the focus of attention. SEM is the most commonly used auxiliary means, one is the search engine to pay to promote, that is often said that the PPC, the other is SEO. To SEO, for example, I believe many of my friends in the mention of SEO, have heard of “content is king, outside the chain for the emperor,” this sentence. This sentence also sums up the use of farmland principles on the website in a certain procedure. We all know SEO is divided into site optimization and off-site optimization. Site optimization, including updated content, update high-quality content, like in this piece of farmland sowing seeds. Outside the optimization is mainly refers to the release of the chain, and the chain of the release, as we dig some of the irrigation canal for the farm, the “water” (IP) continue to lead our flow to our website “irrigation “Our” farmland “.

Of course, the same effective irrigation canal there are many, the above is just cited four commonly used methods. There may be friends will ask, farmland to harvest light water irrigation is not enough, but also need to have plenty of sunshine, as well as fertilizer. Sunshine is of course the implementation of the network marketing program team, and fertilizer is the site inside the high-quality content.

In the traditional industry more and more intense competition today, more and more enterprises, especially small and medium enterprises choose e-commerce, chose the network marketing. Dumplings believe that as long as we rational use of farmland principle, to work hard on the Internet this piece of fertile land above the “fertile land”, then it will be able to get bumper harvest.

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