Enterprise overall network marketing planning package

1. Corporate Website
(if you have a website site diagnosis, given a diagnostic report);
2. Analysis Competitive each other;
3. Determine specific objectives;
4. Develop and implement online marketing programs;
5 Evaluation and Improvement of Network Marketing Effect.

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Service charges:
1. ¥ 880 (design, not implemented, only to provide technical support)
2. ¥ 1880 (plan, late implementation) For a upcoming entry into the Internet market, the technical level and management experience Often hinder the smooth implementation of the network marketing the two major resistance.

If you have determined to carry out network marketing, but refused to the complex and complicated of these four conditions one by one integration, and then choose to set up an independent website team: to complete the site marketing planning, visual design, database development, program development, website optimization, Website promotion, website maintenance, server security management, network marketing staff training and so on. According to our observation, the above work needs to have at least 10 people with more than 5 years of experience in high load site development or 20 years of experience in website construction. However, to support such a team, your pay may need up to 800,000 yuan / year. And can be expected that when the site platform after the formation, with the company’s Web site business goals from technology to marketing transformation, when you have to support the huge technical team will face the target vacuum, technical vacuum situation. The same time because the site at any time will encounter a wide range of technical problems, you can not completely abandon the technical department and cut the budget, this question is very embarrassing?

The network marketing technology can help you solve all the technical problems and management problems encountered in the process of network marketing, while saving you a considerable amount of operating costs.