Marketing website construction package:
service charges: ¥ 2880 from

Package includes: 1. Station layout planning, 2. Web space, domain name, 3. According to the layout sketch for website design. Plus 100 yuan will receive the website SEO services.

Marketing-based website construction is based on the needs of enterprises in the network marketing, for customers to establish a marketing force of the site, including the site conversion rate and user experience design, the site SEO optimization, so that the site can finally get a good search engine Keyword ranking.

Good planning is half the success of the site construction, marketing site construction should start from the site planning, based on the customer needs of the survey results and competitive analysis of the study to the customer identified project objectives as the guide, the establishment of the basic principles of the project site, From the information architecture design, content construction to the site creative design, functional development, such as a comprehensive planning, taking into account the customer’s overall marketing and special marketing needs, consider the integration requirements online and offline.

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Most corporate websites are developed in the form of product introduction and image display. The purpose of the website is to promote the company’s products and images through the Internet, expand the visibility and influence of the products and increase the market share. Thus for the company’s rapid health and discovery play an important role!

Most people are online to find information, not to buy things. Those who are very clear to buy things online, but also naturally shop around. After all, on the site more performance, price, more convenient than in real life shopping. So there is no necessary causal relationship between traffic and sales. Enterprise marketing site construction has to work hard to improve the site conversion rate, and guide visitors to become customers. This guide the viewer to pay the purchase process is to be carefully designed, and can not let the viewer arbitrary, but can not let the user to explore their own to overcome the difficulties.

The contents of the marketing website include:

First, the site planning
1, the site needs analysis
2, the site process and structure

Second, website design and development
1, web page design;
3, membership registration management system;
4, commodity online shopping system
5, the news release system;
6, product distribution system;
7, online customer service and feedback systems;
8, station search function
9 , Third-party free traffic statistics system;
10, to provide one year free maintenance;
11, training a website maintenance staff

Third, the basic optimization of the site
1, the user experience to optimize the design;
2, the overall website optimization design;
3, the site submitted to the major search engines, and let it included;
3, keywords in the search engine query results of natural ranking performance;

There are many companies to provide site construction for the enterprise, but most of the site built after the enterprise did not bring considerable benefits! Zhenyuan network to first-class service, rich experience in network marketing, excellent web design and production capacity and serious and rigorous work attitude, the industry has a wide range of good taste to establish their own unique corporate image. We are from the fundamental interests of customers, for the sake of customers, all from helping customers establish a good brand for customers to bring considerable orders as the basic starting point, the construction of efficiency sites to help small and medium enterprises to the success of e-commerce marketing road. Choose Zhenyuan network – will bring you more benefits, to create greater value for you, to help you get better success!