Key words difficulty judgment basis

As we all know, there is no good search engine rankings, no matter how good the site is not successful website, to do before the site, the keyword must be accurate, how to judge the difficulty of a keyword it For the owners, the most direct way is to check the number of search results in the site, and then one is the Baidu index, but only by these two points, is unable to accurately determine the difficulty of a keyword, we need more accurate Analytical method.

But the same industry website so much, and the site construction company does not do for the customer free ranking optimization obligations, then how can we make their own website in the same industry website, or some keywords in the top of some, it must To spend money to ask the website construction company to help to do the ranking, the site construction company and each keyword quotations are different, then these sites to build the company is how to determine the difficulty of optimizing the keywords?

Standard 1: Baidu related search volume

Baidu related search volume we should all know it, the highest value of the search shows 1 behind eight zero, Oh, a billion chant, a total of 76 pages, 760 data, because where people will see dozens of pages later Website ah, I will also see the maximum number of 10! This search is probably divided into four levels: 1 million, 100-1000 million, 10 million to 40 million, 4000 or more. Baidu search volume is just a vague data, the data at a glance, one can see, give the key to promote the difficulty of a basic positioning!

Standard two: Baidu bid number

Baidu bid number can be fully demonstrated the degree of peer competition, the number of more than seven of the competition is more intense, the number of the left side of the first bid in 10, Baidu bid to understand the people should know, Some words are the monthly consumption of tens of thousands of high consumption, the conversion rate is low, many customers will consider the reasons for seo!

Standard three: Baidu index

Baidu index can be a rough look at a keyword, an industry competition, search for less than 100 words of interest is a general word, less than 800 words regarded as hot words, higher than 1000 is hot words, and (for the industry Website, entertainment, etc.)

Standard 4: Top 5 pages of peer analysis

This data is more time-consuming, first of all have to look at the first five pages of the number of sites in the competition, and then look at the number of industry stations, shopping malls class sites, and then analyze the front of the site outside the chain, links, station Optimization, website alexa ranking, pr value (old station has pr value), domain name registration time and other data!

Standard 5: GOOGLE ADWORDS tools to further confirm

Because the Baidu index accuracy is not particularly high, and GOOGLE ADWORDS keyword tools can be used free of charge, and the preparation is relatively high, so we can use this tool for further confirmation.

Accurate to determine the difficulty of a keyword, mainly based on the search results in the number of top-level domain name, the more top-level domain name, the greater the difficulty of the keyword, combined with the amount of search, combined with Baidu index to determine the results Is the most accurate. If only in accordance with the search volume and search index to determine, is clearly the wrong way.

The more difficult the key words, the higher the offer, of course, each company on the same keyword quotations are different, which is a reason. Such as the small, such as the level of technology, such as how long the keyword can be optimized, these are related reasons.

Analysis of these data, and then you can combine their own resources, the customer’s website, their ability to estimate the effect of the time, and finally make a reasonable offer! I believe that these aspects, the customer churn rate will not Too high!

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