How to avoid the product page similarity is too high

Today to talk about product page similarity of the problem, a friend consulted the tide SEO two questions:

1. Is it not good to rank high?

In addition, there is a problem is that we can often see the top ten in a number of sites, their content is actually very high repeatability, why they can get a better ranking. I think only google ranking is a comprehensive factor, similarity is only one of them. They may be in other areas to force.

2. How much will the similarity be reduced and will not be punished?

This question can only let google to answer you. Many people are trying to find a golden point, for example, I put the page similarity reduced to 60% below, enough? Is not it going to be lower? From my current reading of the article, there is no one more recognized gold value, you can only try to reduce the similarity, and not to think is not enough.

E-commerce station, the main picture. Text content has a large number of similar framework, commodity page similarity is too high. Join the comments, etc. are still similar to more than 90%. What should I do? How to avoid the product page similarity is too high? And listen to Dongguan SEO consultant one for everyone to Road.

First, the merger method

Often, there are multiple series of merchandise in the e-commerce station, and the description of the product in the system may only be very small. Then we can use the merger method, the merger of multiple items into a page, so that you can very good to avoid the page similarity is too high.

Second, the picture method

Some friends may ask, although my merchandise page repeat a lot of content, but it can not merge, then how to do it? It is only picture law. You can make the product description content into a picture, put on our website, so that the similarity is greatly reduced. Use the picture method to pay attention to two issues, one site speed must be fast enough, because the picture read takes some time, if the site server is too slow, it may cause difficulties in reading, making the site page to open the time required Very long, resulting in a certain bounce rate. There is also a problem is to give the picture with ALT tags.

Here to share two tools to check similarity:

Web page similarity check tool:
See who you copied the content (or who copied your content): http: //www.copyscape. com /

When the site is similar to the site is too high, we should promptly deal with these pages in order to avoid the impact on the site. We do not know the different search engines to standardize similar pages of the standard, but whether it is to increase the search engine spider friendliness or from the user experience to enhance the site as much as possible to maintain the page similarity is very necessary The

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