How should the novel station be SEO?

In the field of the current station, the fiction station and the QQ station and so on has become a very large number of a site theme, the saying goes, “there is also reasonable”, since there are so many of the same type of station can exist, and A considerable number of stations in a state of profit, it shows the capacity of this market is large. Although the market can provide enough opportunities, but has not yet touched the door of the new station or in the poor development of the site, did not touch the development of the doorway is clearly limited to their own, become the market can not make money that part of the ” Bottom “.

Therefore, whether it is to do novels or other types of webmasters, should seriously think about how to stand in the fierce competition among their competitors to find a part of their own “different” competition. For the novel station, the current emergence of more and more serial novels, especially in the professional network fiction creation of more and more authors, and professional several major Chinese fiction website charging model will undoubtedly improve the reader’s reading threshold, Adding a certain degree of difficulty, so as to provide free novels with independent novels to provide a huge market and a steady stream of user traffic. Obviously, want to make the site to increase the number of users only rely on free novel updates is not enough, because the site has been done enough to do, and want to quickly get the user in the competition, and the site traffic Steady increase requires more action, focusing on the “user experience” is an important competitive strategy.

One, the road to Jane – clear the site navigation

The more the face of fierce peer competition, the more can not be chaos, for the novel site, many of the same type of site are providing the same service, but how to make the user at first glance will leave your site Impression and love here is undoubtedly the first step to win the competition. For the novel station, because of the large number of novels, the reader’s needs are also varied, so too fancy website design completely useless, clear, simple and generous site style is the most suitable. To provide clear access to the readers of the site navigation, so that different types of novels clearly classified, each category under the list of novels clearly display, so that readers looking for different novels can quickly find their own needs, it has let users in the initial Of the time to get the best user experience.

Second, the core competitiveness – I have no people, I have gifted

Clear navigation is the first step to improve the user experience, but the final core competitiveness of the site or settled in the content provided, the reader to find their own want to read the novel, then will immediately start reading the latest chapter, then Will be able to maximize the quality of the site and the level of the level, only to do “people I have, people have my gifted” – others do not update you can do faster than others to update, others have updated I can also provide, and the content of higher quality, in the layout, the content accuracy can be beyond the competitors, then this will undoubtedly directly enhance the quality of the site in the reader’s mind and status, after several contrast, will Gradually make the site become the first choice for many users, and therefore cultivate more and more loyal users, so that the site to obtain a stable source of traffic, and as a basis for continuous improvement.

Third, advertising and user experience – timely moderate heavier skills

The vast majority of the current fiction station have taken the form of pop-up advertising, on the one hand because the lower threshold of pop-up advertising, many domestic small and medium-sized alliance will provide this way, and this advertising advertisers very much, As many sites more stable source of advertising; the other reason is that many sites do not do a good user experience, the user’s bounce rate is particularly high, most of them are a one-time traffic, and thus use the pop-up advertising will do the ” Hair “, one never let go. However, the negative impact of this approach is obvious, the owners are hoping to get more stable sources of traffic, cultivate more loyal readers, but because of eager to make money, the beginning of the use of this window advertising but hurt The user experience, even if the content is doing well but also easily lead to the reader’s resentment and choose to give up.

My novel station to the flow, 80% is the inside page, that is, by searching for specific novel names come in. Through a period of time found, as long as my novelist station home page has a new section of the “latest storage” inside the new novel, can get a good ranking in the search engine inside. The reason is that these novels are directly linked by the home page, and the weight obtained is large. If you have a lot of novels on your home page, then the weight is diluted. Although these novels search less, but each novel 5 to 10IP per day, there are 50 novels can do this, than the collection of more than 3W novel station, but no traffic is better.

Therefore, in terms of profitability can not be too urgent, can not take the “kill chickens to take eggs,” this is only concerned about the long-term way, but should focus on the initial site loyal users on the training, with higher than the peer level of excellent content to retain users, The initial selection of the advertising model should not affect the user’s experience as much as possible; in the steady flow of revenue gradually set up some users may basically accept the advertising, such as the lower right corner of the window, floating on both sides of advertising, Should also set a one-time pop, to identify IP, to ensure that the same user do not harass the number of users, or loyal users will eventually be unable to endure this form of advertising and choose to leave.

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