e-commerce series 7

Course Trailer: On the Road e-commerce series of courses SEO 6 outside the chain of resources to set up skills

Perhaps this will be a considerable part of the subject of interest. Because from the mass hair machine and the top of the hot machine, from the link trade hot, or from the QQ group to discuss where the number of topics outside the chain, and even when the SEO lectures, talking about the topic of the chain, Online numbers are often the highest, they all hope that through the course to see if you can get more and better outside the chain of resources.

But casually search engine algorithm updates, now SEO, especially Baidu’s SEO, outside the chain on the impact of ranking is slowly becoming smaller and smaller. Although it is small, it is impossible, but its role is indeed getting smaller.

So, how should we properly operate the chain? This course let us work together to solve this problem!

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