e-commerce series 4

Course Annotation: On the Road e-commerce series of courses SEO articles 4 station layout optimization skills

Unknowingly came to the fourth lesson of the SEO articles. This time I chose to publish the course in advance. Thank you very much for this platform, if there is no platform, my course do not know when to drag to carry out.

Often come to this blog friend may find, from the template, to the establishment of tutorial area, in fact, as early as a few months to complete, but has been empty. The emergence of more than the network, so that my blog into a real enrichment up. The course has to be done on this platform. I’m sorry, my lectures are limited, but I will always work hard to get the best.

We are here to talk about the layout skills. May some friends will not agree, will that important? Is there anything else to talk about? Called the art do not get it? NO! wrong! Web site layout is supposed to be done by the SEO, and then by the artist to achieve. Then how should our website layout is more reasonable? After the initial layout is completed, how should we fine tune the site? This lesson let me work together to explore.

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