e-commerce series 2

Unconsciously, the course in the Dobo network has been carried out to the third lesson.

In the past you want to engage in e-commerce, in some cases, need to build a website. The previous practice is to find the station company, business negotiations, talk down, if the price is appropriate, then the company will build a website for us to build.

So, in 2012 today, we also need to set up a special station to build a station? It is not necessary! Because now there are many very many established procedures for our choice to use. So what are some of the procedures in the end? How should we choose a suitable procedure? How are they installed? This course is for everyone Cheng Cheng.

Build a website, as a SEO essential technology, if we do not know how to build a website, then, tonight’s course must not be missed.

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