Analyze the reason for the low conversion rate of e-commerce

Ecommerce site conversion rate refers to the number of visitors to the site, the number of people who carried out a favorable action on the site behavior. “Conversion rate” is divided into three quantitative indicators: the Internet traffic into the corporate website traffic; the enterprise website traffic into the first purchase volume; the first purchase volume into a duplicate purchase volume. Whether the site search engine optimization, or do advertising advertising website promotion, the initial effect can only bring more visitors, temporarily improve the site traffic. And the site should be bigger and stronger. Not only to introduce customers, but also to stay customers, it is necessary to consider how to improve the site conversion rate, which is the site optimization and development of one of the key strategies.

Home only know that B2C conversion rate is not high, but do not know how the loss of customers. A group of users come in the site, they go through the first page, the middle page, product page, shopping cart and settlement and other steps, usually in these links is how they left in batches? In fact, this is not no data to check.

Assuming 400 customers to your site, only 320 (60% to 80%) users will be on the middle page (including the search page, category page, promotion page), click on the product page only 190 users, and finally hard Hard to go to the shopping cart only 9% to 13% of users, this time can not be happy, because it does not mean that with these households will pay, stay to the last users will pay only 3% to 5%. Even more difficult to accept is that in the final purchase of 3% to 5% (not including the payment of success), and finally back again to buy, but also to play a big discount. After the surprise B2C business difficult to do, we can check their website leak data. Only clear which part of the water leakage, in order to fill holes.

One of the reasons: the structure is complex, easy to get lost.

This is a lot of sites, especially some of the big sites prone to problems, that the site the bigger the better, but the reality is the site shop enough big, but the site traffic up, the conversion rate is not high enough, the benefits did not reduce the number, In fact, this big station is the most important problem is too complicated to get the structure, such as the common financial stocks and other special, especially the complex, and the station if you want to do better may wish to refer to some of the network or Well-known sites, so that the structure becomes simple, of course, the most clear or 58, go to the market and other information is more simple and more clear, I believe the user is also more convenient to use.

Cause two: the information is not old use value.

Many sites have been worried that the conversion rate is low, but the site is not updated in time, always rely on the copy of other people’s articles, which led to even if the ranking rose to the top five can not get the highest conversion rate.

Because both the customer, or the search engine spiders, want to catch the latest and most concerned about the message provided to the user, and when your site although the update has been maintained, but the user is not the best in real time the most concerned about those Of the message, the same can not give the user a good impression, which led to the user directly out.

Reason three: the content is complex, the user is lost.

This is a lot of Chinese webmasters lost, perhaps more is to rank, the website home to get a lot of articles, information, but it greatly ignored the user’s feelings, the user is looking for their own things when you need to click 3 -4 times, and even more times to find, and foreign sites are doing very good in this area, whether it is a mall, or video site, or a loan website, are able to open in 1-2 times to find the user needs the information , And this will undoubtedly enhance the user experience, and improve the conversion rate, greatly saving the user’s time, and attract the user.

In short, for e-commerce enterprises, the conversion rate is a measure of search engine marketing and SEO an important indicator, find the factors that affect the conversion rate is to improve the conversion rate of the premise.

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